How to nurse color contact lenses?

 Color contact lenses have one more staining layer than ordinary lenses, used to print all kinds of patterns and rich color schemes. Both the light transmittance and oxygen permeability of the lens are affected by the presence of the staining layer, and more care needs to be taken. So, how should color contact lenses be cared for?


When nursing color contact lenses, it should be more gentle and forced to avoid fading or damage. The precipitation material on the lens is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also affects the oxygen permeability of the lens, but also reduces the comfort of wearing, causing a strong sense of foreign body. Therefore, each time after wearing, after removing the lens, we should use our fingers to clean the contact lens, and thoroughly rinse with the care liquid and then put it into the double box.

When capturing the lens, use the small tweezers attached inside the contact lens case. The special tweezers have rubber wrapped around the top and are very soft and do not scratch the surface of the lens or damage the contact lenses.


When we choose nursing fluid, we should also pay attention to the choice of mild and not stimulating products. The sterilization ability of hydrogen peroxide nursing solution is relatively strong, but used to soak the color contact lenses may have the risk of fading, it is recommended that you choose carefully. Each immersion lens should reach 6 hours, so that it is thoroughly disinfected and then to continue to wear, and do not use other liquid than the nursing solution to soak and clean the contact lenses.

Colored contact lens let everybody realize the dream that changes pupil color easily, change makeup look quickly, but in become beautiful at the same time, also cannot ignore the nursing work of color contact lens. If you have a lucky psychology and always lazy do not clean, it may bury hidden dangers, it is easy to cause eye diseases oh!