How to pick up the contact lenses?

How to pick contact lenses is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. Once the contact lens is improperly removed, it is easy to scratch the cornea and may also cause eye infections. Today, the editor will teach you how to remove contact lenses.

Contact lenses are most likely to be contaminated with bacteria and dust when they are removed and worn, so special attention must be paid to hygiene. Before operation, hands must be thoroughly cleaned with running water, and nails must be trimmed and cleaned frequently to avoid residual dirt in the finger joints.


If you don't want to hurt your eyes, the steps of extraction are very important. The correct extraction procedure is as follows: look up slightly and fully open the upper and lower eyelids. In order to facilitate the removal of the lens, the lens needs to be fully exposed. At the same time, use the index finger and thumb to gently pinch both sides of the lens to remove the lens from the eyeball.

After removing the contact lens, you need to wash it with a care solution in time, and then soak it in a double box to prevent the lens from deterioration due to dehydration and drying. When storing contact lenses, the double box and the care solution play a very important role. In order to ensure the disinfection effect, the double box should be scalded every week and replaced every three months. The care solution in the box is used every two days. It needs to be replaced once.


Removal of contact lenses also requires certain skills, but it will become easier after repeated practice. Wearing contact lenses for a long time will lead to corneal hypoxia and decreased resistance, which will not only affect corneal breathing, but also cause many ocular complications. Therefore, contact lenses should never be worn overnight. If you find that the contact lens is too dry to take out, you can try to moisturize your eyes with a few drops of eye drops or artificial tears, then close your eyes for a few seconds before removing them.