How to protect eyes when wearing contact lenses in winter?

In winter, the temperature difference is relatively large, and the weather is relatively dry, coupled with the widespread use of heating in the north, even the skin will feel dry and dehydrated, not to mention the delicate eyes. In this case, wearing contact lenses may be easier to feel dry and uncomfortable in the eyes, so standard wearing is the key. So, how should we protect our eyes?


First of all, pay attention to the wearing time should not be too long, should pay more attention to the reasonable control of the wearing time than usual, and also avoid wearing it overnight. If you feel your eyes are uncomfortable, you can use eye moisturizing liquid to relieve dryness, but it is also necessary to avoid excessive reliance on eye moisturizing liquid that affects the normal physiological functions of the eyes.

Secondly, I suggest choosing contact lenses with low water content and good oxygen permeability. Since dryness is the most prominent problem, in windy and cold weather, the air flow is accelerated, and the moisture of the lens will evaporate faster. Choosing contact lenses with low moisture content can help slow down the evaporation of moisture. At the same time, contact lenses with good oxygen permeability are also Can avoid the problem of corneal hypoxia.


Finally, be careful not to overuse your eyes. In modern society, people generally face electronic devices for a long time. When looking at the screen, they will reduce the number of blinks unconsciously. The eyes are extremely fatigued. Wearing contact lenses and overusing the eyes will cause greater damage to the cornea.

Winter is also a season of high incidence of eye diseases, and more attention needs to be paid to the health and safety of the eyes, so the frequency of wearing should be reduced as much as possible, especially in bad weather, you can change and wear frame glasses in time. In addition, when the eyes are dry, hot compress and massage can also be used to promote blood circulation around the eyes and improve discomfort.