How to remove contact lenses without using your hands?

The most commonly used method for removing contact lenses is to press and pinch the lenses with the index finger and thumb. However, for people who often wear contact lenses, it is inevitable that fingers will touch the eyes during this process, and some hidden dangers will be buried over time. If you want to pursue a more hygienic extraction method, then you must read this article carefully.



The first thing to emphasize is that even if you do not remove contact lenses with your hands, you need to clean your hands. Before any operation on the lens, you must wash your hands carefully, trim your nails neatly, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the nails and finger gaps to avoid bacterial residues.

For skilled wearers, tweezers can be used instead of fingers to press and pinch out the contact lenses. Generally, a pair of small tweezers will be provided when purchasing a double box, and its tip is often equipped with a silicone sleeve, which can play the role of non-slip and protect the lens. If you are proficient in picking lenses, you can use tweezers to operate, which can improve safety, but remember not to use pointed tweezers without a silicone protective cover.



In addition, the editor will introduce a zero-contact way to remove contact lenses today. Use the index finger and middle finger to hold the upper and lower eyelids and pull them apart completely. After the contact lenses are completely exposed, press the eyelids and gently press the lenses out of the lens while looking towards the corner of the eyes and catch them with your fingers, so that the contact lenses can be easily removed. removed.

The nerves of the fingertips are rich and more sensitive, so it is better to use the fingers to pick up the lens and control the force. If you do not remove contact lenses by hand, you need some skills, you must practice repeatedly before you can master it!