How to remove silicone hydrogel contact lens?

Many contact lens enthusiasts are concerned about eye health and choose silicone hydrogel lenses with better oxygen permeability. However, they ran into the problem that it was difficult to extract, so how to extract the silicone hydrogel?


The water content of silicone hydrogel is relatively high, and the lens is softer than hydrogel contact lenses, with a high degree of adhesion to the cornea. Therefore, when you remove the lens, you may feel very slippery, and it is not easy to pinch out of the eye. This is a normal phenomenon. Before the operation, be sure to pay attention to dry fingers, so as not to slip and pinch the lens.

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are highly permeable, which can improve the cornea's lack of oxygen, but also should not be worn for too long. Everyone had better try to control the wearing time within 8 hours every day, wearing a mirror for too long will also lead to corneal tissue edema, resulting in the lens sticking to the eyeball is not easy to remove.


Many times, people don't check contact lenses carefully before buying them, so the base arc chosen may not be completely appropriate. If the lens base arc is small, easy to cling to the eyeball, it is difficult to remove easily. If you feel that the lens is too tight when wearing it, you should choose a larger base arc or go to a hospital to get specific eye data.

In addition, if the cornea is injured or the eye has acute inflammation, wearing silicone hydrogel may not be able to remove the situation. When the eye is infected, viscous secretions increase, which can pull the lens tight. At this point, you can first put a few drops of eye moisturizer moisturize the eyes, and then try to remove. If it is still difficult to remove the lens, you should go to the hospital and receive targeted treatment, and wait until the inflammation has cleared up before wearing contact lenses.