How to see the quality of contact lenses?

 Daily wear contact lenses, the higher the frequency of use, the higher the requirements for lens quality. In order to avoid damage to the eyes, it is very important to learn to distinguish between good and bad contact lens quality. Today, author will introduce the relevant content of contact lens quality.


The quality of contact lenses is not judged by a single factor, let alone the price, the evaluation of contact lenses should be considered in terms of oxygen permeability, water content, thickness, use cycle and other parameters. According to domestic regulations, contact lenses and contact lens care solution belong to three types of medical devices, and their production and sales process must be supervised and managed by the State Food and Drug Administration. At the same time, the FDA uses international standards to test the process, materials, water content, oxygen permeability and other parameters and properties of the lens. Therefore, when buying contact lenses, you can check the registration information and manufacturer details of the comparison lens.


However, since the regular brand of contact lens products on the market are qualified products, then why do people have the problem of wearing uncomfortable? This may be caused by inappropriate lenses. First of all, contact lenses are not suitable for everyone to wear, if you have eye disease is not suitable for wearing contact lenses. Secondly, the classification of contact lenses is detailed, and wearers need to choose their own lens parameters according to their actual situation. Finally, even if it belongs to the same brand, the parameters of different series of contact lenses will be slightly different, so it is still necessary to try on the effect, do not blindly follow the trend.

In short, we should pay attention to identification when buying contact lenses, to buy contact lenses through regular channels, and try to choose word-of-mouth big brand products.