How to take off contact lenses?

Contact lenses are worn in the eyes, and special care must be taken when removing them, otherwise the lens and cornea may be damaged due to improper handling. Today, the editor will introduce you to the correct way to take off contact lenses.

Under normal circumstances, hands must be kept clean before handling contact lenses. The editor recommends that you use running water and a mild hand sanitizer to thoroughly clean the fingers and between the fingers of your hands, and then use a lint-free towel to dry the water on your hands. Keeping your fingers dry will help you pinch the lenses. Does not slip.


 When removing contact lenses, pay attention to completely and completely open the upper and lower eyelids, so that both the black eyeballs and the contact lenses can be exposed to the air, which is more convenient for subsequent operations. You can face the mirror slightly sideways, then hold your finger on the edge of the lens, use gentle pressure and squeeze the contact lens to remove it from the eye. If your eyes are more sensitive and you can't control your blinking, you can also use your fingers to push the lens to the white of the eye, and then remove it by the above method.



In fact, the steps of taking a mirror are still very simple. Most of the difficulties in picking are affected by psychological factors. A lot of practice can relieve tension. If the lens lacks moisture after wearing it for a long time, it may also stick to the eyeball and it is difficult to pinch it, then you can drop a few drops of eye lotion first, and then try to remove the lens after the moisture in the eye is even.

In order to ensure eye health, the editor recommends that you keep your nails as short as possible and trim your nails as much as possible. Otherwise, it is easy to scratch the contact lenses or the cornea when pinching the lenses, which may also cause eye infections and cause a lot of unnecessary losses or injuries.