How to use contact lens eye drops?

People who have used contact lenses for a long time are certainly not too unfamiliar with eye drops. In the process of wearing contact lenses, once your eyes feel dry and tired, a few drops of eye drops are still very effective. So, how to use contact lens eye drops, and what are the precautions?


Eye drops are divided into two categories according to their texture, one is water-liquid, and the other is gel-like. Gel-like eye drops have a better moisturizing effect and are more suitable for people with more severe dryness symptoms, while water-based eye drops have a wider range of applications. However, no matter which kind of eye lotion, it should be used up within one month after opening.

Eye drops should not be used when wearing contact lenses. Ordinary eye drops can only be used in ordinary times, because too many medicinal ingredients gather between the eyeball and the lens, which may burn the cornea and affect the properties of the lens. But the eye moisturizer can be used when wearing contact lenses, just open the lower eyelid, put 1-2 drops of eye moisturizing liquid on it, and then close your eyes and rotate the eyeball to let the eye moisturizing liquid slowly infiltrate the entire eyeball.


It should be noted that the eye care solution can not be used to replace the eye solution. Although the care solution can preserve and soak the lens, it mainly plays the role of sterilization, disinfection and protein removal. Its main components are physiological saline, disinfectant and preservatives, which are completely different from the effect of eye drops. The eye lotion is formulated based on the composition of human tears, pH, etc., which not only replenishes moisture to the eyes, but also relieves fatigue symptoms.

In addition, the eye solution is generally only used when you feel uncomfortable. In order not to develop dependence, the editor recommends to use it no more than five times a day to avoid excessive use of preservatives and cause certain damage to the cornea.