How to use monthly disposable contact lenses

Different types of contact lenses, there is no difference in the way of wearing, but there is a slight difference in care. Today, we mainly talk about the use of monthly contact lenses.


Monthly throws are classified according to the usage cycle. In addition to monthly throws, there are also throwaway types such as annual throws, semi-annual throws, quarterly throws, and daily throws. Monthly disposable contact lenses, as the name suggests, can only be used for a maximum of one month after unpacking, and need to be replaced when they expire. In addition, it should be noted that the use cycle of contact lenses is not calculated by the number of times of wearing, whether it is worn or not, it needs to be included in the time of use.

Contact lenses are in direct contact with the eyeballs. During the wearing process, static electricity will be generated to absorb dust in the air. At the same time, the secretions of the eyes will also be deposited on the lenses, blocking the oxygen-permeable holes on the lenses. Therefore, daily wear must be carefully cleaned. When using monthly disposable contact lenses, you need to purchase a bottle of contact lens care solution at the same time, and use the care solution to rub and rinse the lenses after each wearing.


Monthly disposable contact lenses are easy to use and the cycle is not long, which can reduce the possibility of infection, so it is safer and healthier than long-term disposable contact lenses. The material of the monthly throw is more resistant to wear and tear than the daily throw, and the thickness is moderate and easy to operate. It is recommended for first-time wearers to try it. When not wearing, you should put the contact lenses in the double box and soak them in the care solution, but you need to pay attention to changing the care solution every 2-3 days.

Many brands have monthly disposable contact lens products, but due to different eye conditions and wearing needs, good and bad are not absolute. It is best to experience the difference between different contact lenses by actually trying them on, so as to choose a more suitable one for you. The product.