How to wear contact lenses?

After purchasing contact lenses, you must operate in accordance with the instructions, but the content explained in the product manual is comprehensive but not detailed enough, so today we will introduce how to wear contact lenses.

Regardless of whether your hands are in direct contact with the lenses, you must wash and dry your hands with neutral hand sanitizer and running water before wearing contact lenses.Note that long nails may scratch the lenses and eyeballs and should be trimmed in time. Don't forget to clean the inside of the nails. If necessary, rinse your hands again with the conditioner.


If your eyes are dry and it is not easy to put on the lenses, you can first apply a few drops of eye drops to the eyes to lubricate.Remove the lens with sterilized tweezers, put it on the tip of your thumb and index finger, and gently squeeze it inward. The edge of the lens gathers inward is the front.

When wearing glasses, do not look directly into the lens, you can look sideways or upwards.Use your fingers to press and pull the upper eyelid together with the base of the eyelashes. The middle finger of the other hand will fully open the lower eyelid until the entire black eye is exposed. If your eyes are sensitive, you can try to bring the lower edge of the lens close to the eyeball before pushing the rest.


After successfully putting contact lenses into your eyes, don't close your eyes immediately. Turn your eyeballs first to see if the lenses fit, and then help to distribute tears evenly by blinking.If you feel uncomfortable, you can use your fingers to lightly adjust the eyelids to adjust the eyes as soon as possible, but you must not be too hard or rub your eyes.For those who have just worn contact lenses, it is recommended to control the time within 4 hours, and do not wear it for more than 8 hours continuously after adaptation.