How to wear contact lenses healthier?

Wearing contact lenses is inextricably linked to eye health, and incorrect use may have adverse effects on the eyes. So, how to wear contact lenses healthier?


First, contact lenses should not be worn for more than 8 hours and should not be worn to bed. In a hot, dry environment, wearing contact lenses will accelerate the evaporation of water, making the wearer feel dry quickly. At the same time, because there are many microorganisms and bacteria in the water, you cannot wash and soak contact lenses with water, and you cannot take a bath or wash your face with contact lenses, otherwise you may be infected with Acanthamoeba keratitis.

Secondly, the supporting products of contact lenses are essential. Care solution and contact lens case are indispensable products. When choosing a care solution, you should try to choose a mild basic care solution according to the actual situation of your eyes. If you buy a hydrogen peroxide care solution, you must soak it for enough time, and wait until the care solution is completely neutralized before removing the lens and wearing it. The double box should be placed in a dry and cool place, regularly scalded and disinfected, and replaced with a new one every three months.


Finally, contact lenses are not for everyone. If you have eye diseases or some systemic diseases, you should not wear contact lenses. Therefore, before starting to wear contact lenses, you should go to a professional institution for a comprehensive and detailed eye evaluation to determine whether you are suitable for using contact lenses.

The editor recommends that you purchase contact lenses through formal channels, and you must also look for a medical device sales license. If you find discomfort in your eyes, you should stop wearing contact lenses and go to an eye doctor as soon as possible.