How to wear contact lenses to avoid conjunctivitis?

 Some contact lens lovers find themselves with conjunctivitis after wearing the lenses for a while. So, how to wear contact lenses safely and avoid conjunctivitis or keratitis?


Conjunctivitis is a very common eye disease, mainly manifested by bloodshot eyes, produce a lot of secretions and so on. There are many factors that cause conjunctivitis, most of which are related to poor eye hygiene, such as rubbing the eyes with dirty hands, wiping the eyes with contaminated towels or wipes, swimming in pools and rivers and lakes with substandard hygiene, and so on. Simply put, the pathogen enters the eye through various channels to infect the conjunctivitis, which will cause conjunctivitis.

So, why can wearing contact lenses cause conjunctivitis? Wearing contact lenses for a long time can lead to a lack of oxygen in the cornea, the eye resistance is reduced, and it is easy to produce some inflammation. In this case, if you can not ensure eye hygiene and lens hygiene, it is easy to introduce pathogens into the eye, and then cause conjunctival inflammation.


Therefore, if you already have conjunctivitis, keratitis and other diseases, author suggests that you should not easily try to wear contact lenses, especially during the acute onset of conjunctivitis, you must stop wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses will cause corneal hypoxia, coupled with physical friction, it is easy to aggravate the condition of conjunctivitis, is not conducive to corneal recovery, more serious may cause other complications, and even cause blindness and other serious consequences.

While contact lenses are convenient, it is even more important to wear them safely. Those who often wear contact lenses must learn the correct operation and care methods, develop reasonable eye habits every day, and do not take it lightly!