How to wear contact lenses to be healthy?

Compared with frame glasses, contact lenses are indeed very convenient to carry and use, but eye health cannot be ignored for the sake of temporary beauty. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you how to wear contact lenses safely.

Contact lenses need to be put into the eyes, so we must pay attention to prevent dust, bacteria, etc. from contaminating the lenses, which can be brought into the eyes and cause corneal infection. When removing and wearing contact lenses, you must wash your hands in advance. In addition, you must not forget to wash and disinfect the contact lens case and tweezers.


Well-fitted contact lenses can not only provide a clearer and more stable corrected visual field, but also ensure wearing comfort and safety, so it is necessary to choose appropriate parameters. Especially for novice wearers, it is best to evaluate before wearing glasses, measure basic eye data in detail, and use this to choose more matching contact lens products.

In order to avoid affecting corneal breathing, you must buy contact lens products from regular manufacturers, preferably silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Silicone hydrogel has a very strong oxygen transmission capacity, and can also increase the water content while ensuring oxygen permeability, so that the lens has a better degree of moisture retention.


The care of contact lenses is also a part that cannot be ignored. If the lens is not well cared for, protein precipitation will cause friction and irritation to the cornea, which may cause a foreign body sensation, and even more serious conjunctivitis and keratitis. Therefore, after each wearing, the lens should be removed and rubbed and cleaned immediately, and then properly soaked in the care solution after thorough rinsing.

Within the scope of the economy, we still try to choose contact lenses with a short cycle and high oxygen permeability. During use, if you feel discomfort in your eyes, you should stop wearing contact lenses and go to an eye doctor in time.