How to wear contact lenses with sensitive eyes?

Eye sensitivity is mainly manifested in that the eyes are prone to certain stress reactions due to external stimuli, such as dryness, discomfort, itching and pain in the eyes when encountering pollen, dust, cold air, strong light, etc. People with sensitive eyes wear contact lenses, and the initial adaptation process may take longer than others. So, how to wear contact lenses with sensitive eyes?


In order to avoid increasing the burden on the eyes, you must pay attention to strictly control the wearing time. The first wearing should be gradually extended from 2 hours, and then the wearing time should be controlled within 8 hours. If your eyes are sensitive, you should carry a lotion and a contact lens case with you so that you can remove them immediately if your eyes are uncomfortable.

People with sensitive eyes are more likely to be infected by bacteria, so pay special attention to wearing hygiene. Before wearing, you must wash your hands and dry them. If you use a towel to wipe, you should choose a towel that does not shed lint, so as to avoid lint adhering to the lens.


Lenses should also be carefully inspected before wearing them. Scratches, cracks, deposits, or other impurities on the lenses may cause foreign body sensation, blurred vision, or other discomfort. Carefully observe the lens at the fingertips, correctly distinguish the positive and negative sides, and avoid eye irritation caused by wearing the mirror lens.

If you feel uncomfortable every time you wear contact lenses, it may not be because your eyes are sensitive, but you are not suitable for wearing contact lenses, so it is best to check your eyes thoroughly before wearing them. When buying contact lenses, you should pay attention to choosing contact lenses with high water content and good oxygen permeability. If economic conditions permit, contact lens products made of silicone hydrogel can be selected to avoid the adverse effects of corneal redness, inflammation and other adverse effects that may be caused by inferior products.