How to wear contact lenses with small eyes?

If wearing contact lenses is a big problem, wearing contact lenses for small eyes is even more difficult. If the eyes are relatively small, what should I pay attention to when wearing contact lenses?



When we say that the eyes are small, it generally means that the angle of the eyelid opening and closing is small. Then, this group of people can prefer to choose small diameter contact lenses of 14.0-14.2 when purchasing contact lenses. In this way, it will be easier to wear it, and you will not be unable to wear the lenses because the eyelids cannot be opened. If you must choose a large diameter lens of 14.5, it may cause a slight foreign body sensation and discomfort, or it may not look good due to the incongruity of the eye white ratio.

When wearing it, you can learn to use a little trick. For example, first lift the lower eyelid and place the lens in the lower eyelid, and then use the help of the eyelid to push the lens into the eye, etc. In fact, human fingers are much more sensitive to touch than tools. If you are not very skilled in the operation, we recommend that you wear the lenses with your fingers. Pay attention to keeping your fingertips as dry as possible to prevent slipping and unable to hold your eyelids, and also to prevent the lenses from sticking to your fingers and causing failure to wear.


In fact, friends who have difficulty in picking and wearing often feel that the most difficult thing is not that the eyes are small but that it is difficult to break the psychological barrier. When wearing it, it is easiest to succeed in one go. If you try repeatedly, not only will your eyes get tired and your confidence will drop, but your lenses will become dry and brittle due to prolonged dehydration. In this case, it is generally necessary to put the contact lenses back in the care solution for a while, then take them out and wash them before wearing them.