How to wear the contact lenses well?

Contact lens wear is a problem that everyone will encounter, beginners will worry about how to wear lenses, and then skilled and hope to be able to wear contact lenses faster and better. So today, let's talk about how to wear the contact lenses.


In order to improve the success rate of a wear, we must pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative sides. After taking out the contact lens, you must carefully observe the edge of the lens, the rounded arc is slightly inward to the positive upward, and keep the contact lens positive upward state into the eyes. Otherwise, it's either hard to wear the lens or feel uncomfortable.

After that, the need to open the eyelids completely, and press the root of the eyelashes, so as to avoid the eyelashes blocking the lens, can also effectively avoid blinking to lead to wear failure. Novice can try to put the lens on the lower eyelid, pushing the eyelid to wear contact lenses, this way is relatively simple, will not touch the eyeball, but the success rate is relatively high.


In general, it is recommended to wear a mirror with a stick, or you can lift the lens with your finger to wear it into your eyes. If the operation is more skilled, the eyes will not be particularly sensitive, using the stick is more hygienic and safe. But if you are still a novice, and always can't help but blink, then it is best to wear with your fingers, can relieve the tension to a certain extent, the rich nerves on the fingers can also make the wear more controllable, but it is important to pay attention to that the use of fingers to wear the lens to keep the fingertips dry.

Long-term use of contact lenses must be guaranteed standard operation, regular examination of the fundus. Contact lenses are not suitable if you have dry eyes or have acute or chronic inflammation of the eye surface.