Invisible glasses does not suit which crowd to wear?

From the perspective of testing, optometrists will clearly tell people with major eye diseases are not suitable to wear contact lenses. But in fact, in addition to many people are also not suitable for wearing contact lenses, let's take a look at it!

Contact lenses are not suitable for minors. Minor eye development is not complete, degree is not stable, wearing contact lenses more harm than good. Moreover, students generally use more eyes, wearing contact lenses not only can not achieve a good correction effect, but may pay more attention to fatigue, resulting in increased degree or other eye diseases.


Contact lenses are also not suitable for older people. As we get older, the resistance of the eye will gradually decline, and the tissue of the eye will begin to deteriorate, affecting the tolerance of the eye and the secretion of tears. People over 65 years of age who wear contact lenses are more likely to have serious complications.

Contact lenses are not suitable for menstrual or pregnant women. Women who are menstruating and pregnant generally have higher intraocular pressure than usual and increased corneal thickness. When wearing contact lenses, there may be problems such as mismatching and discomfort.


People with allergies should be cautious about wearing contact lenses. Allergies can cause a series of complications, and the eyes may also have slight inflammation. Wearing contact lenses can easily aggravate corneal redness and swelling, and the operation process or unhygienic eye environment may also cause keratitis, conjunctivitis and other diseases. So, if you find yourself allergic, you should stop using contact lenses.

Right now, contact lenses, while very common, are not for everyone. Xiaobian suggests that you accept a professional optometry examination before matching glasses, communicate with your doctor and study the relevant knowledge in detail before buying contact lenses.