Is it better to buy contact lenses online or in a store for the first time?

 In general, the most important thing to buy contact lenses is to look for qualification documents, and there is no difference between products sold online and offline by major brands, but online shopping is often more advantageous in terms of price. So, is it better to buy contact lenses online or in a store?


If it is the first time to buy contact lenses, of course, it is recommended to buy in a physical store. Because the physical store not only has formal channels and complete documents, but more importantly, it can provide a full set of services from fitting to trying to review, which are crucial for beginners.

First, in a professional optician shop to buy contact lenses, there will usually be a professional optometrist to help you do an eye examination, determine whether it is suitable to wear contact lenses, while the eye data is also related to the choice of parameters and degree conversion, these problems can be achieved "one-stop" solution.

Second, when buying contact lenses in the store, first-time wearers can understand more comprehensively. Many people have limited knowledge of contact lenses, and even many people buy contact lenses for temporary use only, and have not studied the operation of contact lenses in depth before. If the use is not standardized, it may become a hidden danger in the subsequent wearing process.


Third, if you wear contact lenses for the first time, there are many cases in which you cannot wear and remove them. When buying in the physical store, you can quickly learn the skills of picking and wearing with the guidance and help of professionals to achieve "painless starting" and avoid unnecessary damage to the eyes.

Fourth, the follow-up service is more convenient. At the beginning of wearing contact lenses may have some discomfort symptoms, there may be a lot of small questions, it is easier to get professional answers in the physical store, but also convenient to do regular eye review.

In recent years, many people began to have an interest in contact lenses, want to change from frame glasses to wear contact lenses, but contact lenses relative to frame glasses in the way and method have higher requirements, if you really want to in-depth contact, or some caution from the physical store is better.