Is silicone hydrogel contact lens good?

After the popularity of contact lenses led to the emergence of many brands and product lines, attention was focused on eye health. With the improvement of technology, contact lenses have a new material - silicone hydrogel. So, are silicone hydrogel contact lenses good?



The traditional contact lens material has always been hydrogel, which is a polymer material with strong hydrophilicity. The lens made by it has a high fit degree with the cornea, and is moist and soft, which is easy for even novices to adapt to. At the same time, hydrogel contact lenses have a strong toughness, can support repeated rubbing cleaning without damage, and not easy to adhere to protein precipitation.

At present, on the basis of the hydrogel material and upgrade and improvement, the emergence of the silica hydrogel this new material. Siliceous hydrogels inherited the advantages of hydrogels and increased oxygen permeability by more than 5 times. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses have high water content but are not easy to dehydrate, which not only improves the problem of hypoxia in the eyes, but also realizes the healthy wearing of glasses. It also adopts the unique water-locking technology, which also makes people with dry eyes easy to wear at ease.


However, despite the improved oxygen permeability, the silicone hydrogel should not be worn overnight and must be taken off before going to bed for care and cleaning. In addition, due to the high water content, silica hydrogel contact lenses are relatively easy to adsorb protein precipitation, so currently it is mainly used to make short cycle discard contact lenses.

For contact lens wearers, standardized use and correct care are the two keys to protect eye health. Everyone must develop a good habit of using eyes and wearing glasses!