Is the harm of wearing contact lenses for a long time really so great?

Contact lenses have brought about changes in the beauty of life and a clearer and broader vision, but at the same time, we can always see various articles about the dangers of contact lenses, which makes many people in conflict and worry. In fact, after careful understanding, it is not difficult to find that the damage of all the mentioned contact lenses to the eyes actually does not come from the lenses, but from the incorrect wearing and using methods.


Wearing contact lenses for a long time will affect eye breathing or the eyes. The cornea itself has no blood vessels. It usually needs to absorb oxygen and nutrients from the outside air and aqueous humor. No matter how good the oxygen permeability of the contact lens is, after all, the eyeball is still isolated from the outside world. If the wearing time is not controlled, it will not only accelerate the cell aging, but also reduce the resistance and eyesight.

Wearing contact lenses need to be aware of various eye diseases, because the longer you wear them, the heavier the burden on your eyes. When the stability of tear film decreases, the secretion of tear fluid is abnormal, accompanied by foreign body sensation, secretion increase and other discomfort, it may be suffering from dry eye disease. Contact lenses are easy to absorb proteins in tears, and also easy to be contaminated with various bacteria. If contact with the period of decreased resistance or corneal cell damage, it is very easy to cause conjunctivitis, keratitis and other diseases, and serious may also cause corneal epithelial tissue perforation.


The use of contact lenses is becoming more and more common, and various complications are also increasing. However, we should also pay attention to the difference between long-term wearing and long-term wearing. There is no need to talk about the color change of contact lenses. If you want to use contact lenses for a long time, it is very important to operate them in the right way.