Is the month throwing contact lens good?

When choosing short-cycle contact lenses, people tend to prioritize daily lenses over monthly lenses. In fact, the day is more expensive, daily use a little burden, but the use cycle of the month is also very short, is also very safe and healthy, and has the advantages of cost-effective, it is another good choice!


 Monthly throwing contact lens is named after the use cycle of one month. Under normal circumstances, the water content of the month throw will be slightly lower than the day throw, and the lenses will be slightly harder than the day throw, so it is easier to wear, and more moist and comfortable than the annual throw, half a year throw and other types.

Month is relative to year, half a year to use a kind of contact lenses, so protein precipitation is not easy to accumulate too much. However, wearing the moon throw must also do a good job of cleaning and care. Usually author suggests using about 20 days to replace a monthly lens, unpacking more than a month should not continue to wear. It should be noted that the use cycle of the month throw should be calculated according to the unpacking date, rather than the number of wear.


 At present, there are various different brands and series of hot-selling monthly selling contact lenses, and we should still look for the relevant qualifications when buying. If you want to match glasses more appropriate, then it is recommended that you prepare them in a regular eye hospital or eyeglasses shop, do a detailed eye examination under the guidance of professionals, and follow the doctor's advice.

In short, which type of contact lenses has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is more important to choose the right product according to your own needs. In addition, author reminds you that you must wear the mirror correctly in accordance with the product instructions, timely clean, do a good job of nursing work, so as to ensure the eye health.