It is best not to wear contact lenses in sandy weather

Recently, sand and dust weather occurred in many parts of northern China. Beijing was moderately polluted, four districts were heavily polluted, the sky was dim, and the visibility of the most severe area was less than one kilometer. The photos taken were like filters added. The Strongest Sandstorm in Ten Years.

Sandstorm weather has a great impact on the human respiratory system. A large amount of dust aerosol floating in the air can cause irritation to the nasal mucosa and trachea, which can easily cause sneezing, runny nose, dry and itchy pharynx, coughing and other symptoms. It may also cause allergic reactions. Moreover, if you travel in sandy weather, your eyes are often not fully protected, so you are more likely to get injured.


Although sandstorms are coming, everyone wears masks when they go out, so they can protect the respiratory tract and lungs. However, the cornea is always exposed to the outside, and is often more susceptible to sand and dust weather. If you find a foreign body sensation in your eyes, you must not rub it with your hands rashly, but rinse with running water to avoid impurities rubbing the cornea and causing damage to the eyes.


Therefore, it is best not to wear contact lenses in sandy weather. When a dust storm comes, the air is full of particles, bacteria, etc., which is equivalent to providing contact lenses with adsorbable impurities at any time, which is not conducive to maintaining eye hygiene and health. Wearing contact lenses in this case can easily cause eye infections, causing eye pain and tearing.

In the spring, it is already windy, and when there is dusty weather, the harm should not be underestimated. The editor recommends that everyone should focus on health protection. After returning from a sandy day, you must wash your hands and face in time, keep a light diet, drink plenty of water at home, minimize outdoor activities time, turn on the air purifier when necessary to filter the air, avoid wearing contact lenses, and pay attention to maintaining eye hygiene .