Knowledge of correct wearing of contact lenses

Improper wearing of contact lenses can lead to problems such as foreign body sensation, discomfort, and more serious eye diseases. Today, let's talk about the correct wearing knowledge of contact lenses.


Before wearing contact lenses, the most important step is to wash your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly with mild hand sanitizer and running water, then use a lint-free towel to remove any remaining moisture. After that, follow the standard steps, first make sure that the lens is facing up, and hold the lens firmly on the pulp of your fingers. When wearing it, keep your eyes straight, hold the eyelids with two fingers and pull them apart as far as possible, and gently move the lenses closer to your eyes with the fingers of the other hand, and push the lenses into your eyes at the right time. Finally, slowly release the fingers holding the eyelid and blink to allow the lens to fully fit the eye.

If you have just started wearing contact lenses or have not worn contact lenses for a long time, you generally need to re-adapt. It is best to wear it for no more than 2 hours on the first day, and then increase by 2 hours every day. For the health of the cornea, avoid excessive eye fatigue, wear it for no more than 8 hours in a row, and do not sleep with contact lenses.


Care solution is one of the indispensable supporting products in the process of wearing contact lenses. The most important function of the care solution is to sterilize, disinfect and clean, but it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it is mild and not irritating. Hydrogen peroxide solution is more germ-killing, but may cause fading of colored contact lenses. The shelf life of the care solution is generally three months, and it will be replaced with a new care solution after the expiration date.

When using contact lenses, if the eyes appear red, swollen, itchy, stinging, photophobia, and tearing in the wind, it may be caused by improper use, or it may be a precursor to eye diseases, so everyone remember to seek medical attention in time.