Matters That Need Attention While Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lens has many parameters, such as base curve, diameter, water content , oxygen permeability, etc. Essential care solution also has functional difference. As for the contact lens newcomer, what should they pay attention to while wearing contact lenses for the first time ?

1. Examine the eyes

    While wearing the contact lens for the first time, we could go to the regular eye hospital or optical store to conduct optometry, get the exact degree and meanwhile check the eyes disease. If diagnosed with the eyes disease such as conjunctivitis, xerophthalmia, keratohelcosis, etc., then he is not suitable to wear contact lens. Besides, some systematic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, etc., will significantly reduce immune capability, so it is not suitable to wear contact lenses as well. 

2. Product selection

The material of soft contact lens is usually divided into hydrogel and silicone

hydrogel. The oxygen permeability of silicone hydrogel is relatively higher. From the aspect of parameter, generally, those who are with dry eyes, will be more comfortable if they choose contact lens with low water content. About the disposal period, it could be selected according to actual demand. What needs to be noted is that we need to calculate the time after unsealing. 

3. Product purchase

Contact lens belongs to 3rd-type medical device. Hence, 3rd-type medical device

business license is necessary. The current contact lens brand is various and diverse, so we should go to the authenticated regular shop to purchase. Keen on gaining petty advantages is not advised. 

4. Matching products

Remember not to go after only the sterile effect of the care solution, in order to

avoid the irritation to the eyes. The container should be changed every three months and sterilization and cleaning is needed in daily life. Eye drops should be used when the eyes are dry, but excessive dependence is not advised. 

Knowing well these precaution could help you to choose adequate contact lenses. Care and cleaning after getting the right lens should not be neglected. A good habit of wearing contact lens should be formed. Since the establishment, in order to provide first-rate product and professional service, Jilin Realcon Contact Lens Co.,Ltd. has been adhering to the management ideas of “technique, fashion, health, safety”, constantly update and innovate with the customer demand and satisfaction as the core, and strive the joint development of brand and service.