Monthly or 6-Monthly Disposal Contact Lens, Which One is Better ?

Among the contact lens category, monthly and 6-monthly disposal contact lens is relatively the suitable choice. Both are distinctive with advantages and disadvantages. Judgement based upon the actual demands is recommended.

Contact lens within 3-month expiry date is called as short-period disposal contact lens, among which there is monthly disposal. The expiry date of monthly contact lens is theoretically within 1 month and the actual wearing time is better recommended as about 20 days. Hence, monthly disposal contact lens has superiority regarding the hygiene, which is suitable for the group of people who need frequent wearing of contact lens within single month.

6-monthly disposal contact lens belongs to the traditional contact lens. Although the disposal period is 6 months, it is advised to change 1 month in advance. Even if clean the contact lens timely after use every time, it is still possible to remain some irremovable sediment residues on the contact lens. While the sediments gradually increase, it will affect the contact lens quality and the eye health. 6-monthly disposal contact lens has a certain price advantage with better molding, which is suitable for the people who wear for a long time.

Besides, regarding the oxygen permeability, water content, lens thickness, etc., monthly and 6-monthly disposal contact lens has some differences. It is incorrect to evaluate which one is better. It is best to choose the suitable contact lens according to the actual demands and eye condition.

Whether it is monthly disposal or 6-monthly disposal, the most important premise is to keep the contact lens clean and sanitary. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the excessive use of the eyes and prevent from eye over-fatigue. If diagnosed with the eye disease, it is advised to consult the doctor first about whether suitable to wear the contact lens or not.