Mydriasis for optometry

Optometry, as the first step in contact lens preparation, should not be lightly overlooked. Poor fit contact lenses not only cause discomfort, but may also cause damage to the eyes. Today, we are going to learn about mydriasis in optometry.


Mydriasis is a commonly used clinical examination and treatment method, the first drug to completely paralyze the ciliary muscle of the eye, the loss of regulation, and then carry out optometry or fundus examination. Under normal circumstances, the optometry done in the optician store can already meet most of the needs, but if you want to carry out more accurate and in-depth optometry, you need to go to a professional eye hospital for myopathy. Mydriasis can exclude the influence of factors such as false myopia, degree measurement is more accurate, and problems such as astigmatism and strabismus can be measured. Excessive reading, watching TV, playing games in a short period of time is easy to cause false myopia, as long as a period of rest can be restored, but if directly as true myopia goggles, the consequences are unimaginable.


Mydriasis is very necessary for adolescent myopic patients, and the adolescent group has strong eye regulation, and is most susceptible to false myopia affecting the measurement results. Mydriasis is commonly used in the way of eye drops, the mydriasis drug is dropped into the eye to dilate the pupil, thereby improving the accuracy of optometry and making it more convenient to observe the fundus.

In general, mydriatic medications do no additional harm to the eyes. However, after mydriasis will be instinctively photophobia, need to avoid strong light stimulation, outdoor should wear a good hat and sunglasses, and also need to pay attention to a short period of time not to use the eyes in close proximity, avoid ciliary muscle fatigue, keep the eyes clean and so on.

In addition, after mydriasis examination, pay attention not to wear contact lenses, must wait until the pupil recovers and then use contact lenses according to the situation, generally at least half a month apart.