Note for wearing colored contact lenses

 Color contact lens and transparent lens compare more fashionable popular, get the love of young people very much, the various decorative pattern on its can change the color of pupil at any time, make makeup look more follow and changeable. So, what are the precautions about wearing colored contact lenses?

 Before wearing contact lenses, be sure to trim your nails, clean your hands, and clean all the dirt in your nails. At the same time, because the water contains all kinds of bacteria, so be sure to wipe the residual water on the hand before touching the lens!


 Due to the existence of pigment layer in colored contact lenses, they affect corneal respiration and are easy to cause hypoxia, red blood silk and other symptoms, so it is necessary to pay attention to control the length of wearing time. Wear color contact lenses for no more than 8 hours a day. Try not to wear color contact lenses every day. It is best to wear them alternately with the glasses to reserve time for the eyes to recover.

 If you want to make up while wearing glasses, then it is necessary to reduce the use of powder cosmetics, especially when setting makeup, must be careful and gentle, to avoid powder substances into the eye pollution lens and cornea. In terms of wearing order, we should pay attention to wearing contact lenses before makeup, and then enter the step of makeup, and before removing makeup, we should also pay attention to the removal of the lens and then clean the face.


Wearing color contact lenses also need to pay attention to the surrounding environment, dry wind environment is not suitable for wearing glasses, high temperature with open fire wearing contact lenses will be dangerous, should pay attention to not to wear glasses to drift, swimming or hot spring. In addition, before wearing, we should carefully check whether there is damage, scratches and sediment on the lens, etc. After taking off the lens, we should also rub and clean the lens in time, remove the lipid, protein and other sediment, and always keep good hygiene and clean.