Precautions for wearing colored contact lenses

Originally used to correct eye blemishes, colored contact lenses are now so widely used in everyday life that even movie special effects make-up are often inseparable from them. So, let's take a look at the precautions for wearing colored contact lenses!


Contact lenses should be soaked in the care solution when not in use. When purchasing contact lenses, you can purchase a double box and a care solution together to disinfect the lenses. After wearing, drop the care solution on the lens, rub it with your fingertips to wash and rinse it, then soak it in the care solution to prevent the lens from drying and cracking.

Color contact lenses also cannot be worn overnight, otherwise it is easy to cause various eye diseases. When a person sleeps, the amount of oxygen obtained by the cornea will be greatly reduced, and the color contact lens adds a layer of pigment, which is very unfavorable for the cornea to absorb oxygen.


When choosing a color film, additional consideration should be given to whether it will block the optical zone. If the color of the lens covers the pupil, it will affect the visual effect. It is best to choose a product with a suitable diameter according to the size of the eye, or you can try it on before buying to see if it will block the pupil.

In order to pursue the best wearing effect, colored contact lenses need to be comprehensively selected according to skin color, makeup and other conditions. Generally speaking, the skin color and eye color of Asians are more suitable for wearing brown, black, and purple color films, which blend better with the eyes.

Due to the beautification and magnification of the eyes, the color film is often divided into the beauty area when Amway. However, the editor must remind everyone that contact lenses belong to the third category of medical devices and must be used in accordance with the product instructions, otherwise it may cause damage to the eyes.