Precautions when buying contact lenses for the first time

Contact lenses set off a fashion craze, and also attracted more people's interest, making them eager to try. However, there are many precautions when buying contact lenses for the first time, let's take a look.

Before fitting glasses, you should go to a regular professional optical shop for an eye examination to exclude dry eye, glaucoma, diabetes and other contraindications that are not suitable for wearing contact lenses, and also measure the eye data to facilitate the selection of suitable lenses . Moreover, the editor recommends that you also master the necessary knowledge and understand the parameters of the lens.


If you do not have myopia, you can choose flat contact lenses. For myopic patients, the degree of contact lenses is different from that of framed lenses, so remember to convert them when purchasing. If the degree of astigmatism exceeds 75 degrees or affects vision, it is necessary to formulate astigmatism contact lenses to correct.

Also, remember to buy a lotion and a contact lens case. When using, care should be taken to keep the bottle mouth of the care solution clean, and it is best to record the date on the bottle after opening to avoid overdue use. Before using the new contact lens case, it is best to scald and disinfect it with boiling water, and then place it in the sun to dry.


Once new contact lenses are unpacked, they can be simply rinsed with a care solution, then soaked for at least 6 hours before wearing. If you buy daily disposable contact lenses, you can wash them directly and wear them. Before wearing, it is recommended to use the care solution to rub the lens a little, then shake off the excess liquid and put it in the eye.

Generally speaking, a slight foreign body sensation is a common reaction to wearing contact lenses for the first time, so novices should correctly distinguish the front and back of the lenses, and pay attention to the wearing time step by step.