Selection of contact lens moisture content

Contact lens moisture determines whether the wearing of contact lenses is comfortable.Water content is the objective attribute description of contact lenses, that is, the proportion of water in the lens, the higher the water content is, the more water is needed under normal conditions.Contact lens moisture content is only an attribute data, it doesn’t mean the higher or lower,the better. When wearing contact lenses for a long time, the lens itself will lose water because of evaporation, and contact lenses do not produce water itself, is a spongy polymer structure in the absorption of eyeball water, at this time the lens will absorb tears to maintain the original water content.When wearing contact lenses for a long time, the higher the water content, the more likely it is to cause dry eyes, because the water content of the lenses is lower than its own value, the need to absorb more tears. Annual contact lenses contain between 38% and 42% water, moderate water content, suitable for the vast majority of people and climate use, color contact lenses are basically in this range. Invisible lenses are often easier to wear and more suitable for the first wearer because of the relatively unfamiliar operation and the better formability of contact lenses with low moisture content. Especially, white-collar workers staying in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, because the indoor air humidity is very low, even more taboo wearing high moisture products. When choosing to buy and wholesale contact lenses, this article can help you solve the problem of contact lens moisture content!