Should contact lenses be soaked for the first time?

For the first use of contact lenses, we pay more attention to how to wear and remove, which often leads people to ignore a lot of details, such as the newly bought lens after need to soak, how to soak and other problems.Today, xiaobian will help you answer the first use need to soak.


For the first time, you need to soak contact lenses such as annual and semi-annual disposables. Although there are also sterilizing ingredients in the preservation solution, it may cause some irritation to the eyes. To alleviate this discomfort, rinse the lenses with a care solution after unpacking, and then soak them in fresh care solution.

The contact lens care solution contains not only disinfecting ingredients but also moisturizing ingredients, which can increase the wearing comfort to a certain extent. Therefore, it is recommended that you unpack, clean and soak one day in advance, so that the lenses can be taken out and worn directly the next day. However, if it is a daily disposable contact lens, you do not need to soak it in advance, but you can simply rub and rinse with the care solution after unpacking, and then put it directly into the eye.


Soaking contact lenses must pay attention to standardized operation, and use special contact lens care solution. Generally speaking, tap water and mineral water contain impurities or bacteria and microorganisms, and are not suitable for soaking and cleaning contact lenses. Wearing contaminated lenses can easily cause corneal inflammation if the corneal cells are damaged.

The contact lens care solution can be sterilized and disinfected, and also provides a sterile storage environment for the lenses, so the care solution in the contact lens case must be replaced in time. Remember to change your solution every 2-3 days with or without contact lenses.