Should contact lenses be thrown in half a year or a year?

Among all contact lens types, semi-annual and one-year disposables are long-term contact lenses. The difference between them is generally not too big, and it is more suitable for first-time wearers to buy. So, if you compare the semi-annual throw and the annual throw, which one is better?


The biggest difference between semi-annual tossing and annual tossing is that the usage period is different. Among them, the annual use cycle is longer, which is one year, and the use cycle of half-yearly is half a year. They all belong to traditional contact lenses. The traditional disposable lenses are more widely used, and the lens molding is also better, wear-resistant, anti-bacteria, and can support long-term wear. However, the lens must be taken care of during use, and the protein precipitate should be removed in time after wearing.

Another difference between semi-annual toss and annual toss is the difference in water content. Although semi-annual and annual lenses are low-water lenses, they are more suitable for people with dry eyes, but in contrast, semi-annual lenses are lighter and more comfortable to wear.



The biggest advantage of the traditional throwing type is the high cost performance. Because the annual throw is longer, the cost-effectiveness of single-lens lenses is higher. However, we generally recommend that you discard it a few months in advance to avoid excessive accumulation of precipitation. In order to ensure eye health and cleanliness, care and cleaning must be the top priority, whether it is half a year or a year, and you must not be lazy for fear of trouble. The editor recommends that you rub and clean immediately after each wearing, and rinse off the rubbed sediment with a care solution.

When using contact lenses for a long time, in order to avoid the decline of eye resistance and corneal hypoxia and inflammation, you should pay attention to regular eye examinations and develop good eye habits and work and rest.