Small details that are often overlooked when wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses, also called contact lenses, are lenses that, as the name suggests, touch the cornea directly. While eye safety is crucial when it comes to wearing contact lenses, there are many little things you may be missing that could put you at risk.


When choosing the degree, people often ignore the degree of astigmatism. Due to the general lack of understanding of astigmatism, the symptoms of astigmatism are often confused and ignored. When the degree of astigmatism is low, there is no obvious impact on the daily vision, indeed, you can ignore the degree of astigmatism to match glasses. However, if the degree of astigmatism is high, which has a certain degree of influence on daily life, it can not be simply ignored or converted when fitting lenses. Instead, it is necessary to obtain accurate degree and axial position through dilatation optometry, and prepare professional astigmatism contact lenses based on it.

Everyone attaches great importance to the care of the lens, but may neglect the hygiene of the double box and nursing solution. When using the nursing solution at ordinary times, attention should be paid to keep the bottle mouth clean and avoid contact with other items. After use, the bottle cap should be timely closed and replaced on schedule. For the double box, in addition to replacing it every three months, it should also be washed and disinfected with boiling water at least once a week, and then used after air drying.


If you feel dry eyes while wearing contact lenses, you can immediately use eye moisturizer or artificial tears to relieve the discomfort. However, if you have a corneal infection, you should stop wearing contact lenses. In particular, you should be careful not to use eye drops at the same time as the lens, as medical ingredients concentrate between the lens and the middle of the eye and cause corneal damage.

author reminds us that we must be careful when wearing contact lenses. If hidden dangers are buried in the details, it may cause very serious injury in the end!