Small eyes suitable for wearing contact lenses?

 We always say that you can wear contact lenses as long as you pass the assessment, but many friends with small eyes still have a lot of concerns, afraid that they can't wear contact lenses. Today, author would like to give people with small eyes some advice to buy.


Small eyes, in fact, the opening and closing Angle of the eyelid is small, so when purchasing contact lenses, it is necessary to avoid choosing too large a diameter, such as 14.5 diameter contact lenses, although it can bring better amplification effect, but it may not be easy to wear into the eye. Especially if the novice to operate, because the operation is not skilled and repeatedly wear, it is difficult not to cause damage to the eyes. Therefore, we recommend that you choose 14.0 or 14.2 diameter contact lenses.

If the eyes are small, then you should pay more attention when wearing a mirror. In order to ensure that the eyelashes do not block the lens, it is necessary to press the root of the eyelashes with a clean finger, and then completely open the upper and lower eyelids, so that the black eye can be completely exposed, so as to increase the success rate of wearing.


In general, through the pre-mirror inspection, we can choose the appropriate parameters according to the base arc, degree, etc., and people with small eyes should carefully choose according to the parameters. At the same time, in the process of trying on, we should also pay attention to whether there is a strong sense of foreign body or friction.

If you feel that your eyes are small, the purchase of colored contact lenses may always be more inclined to enlarge the effect, but if the eyes themselves are small, the hasty pursuit of magnification may lose the best proportion and appear glassy. All in all, small eyes can wear contact lenses, although there will be some limitations, but the type of contact lenses to choose from is still very rich.