Teach you how to wear contact lenses easily

Starting with your eye expression, contact lenses can help you easily win the central-position halo. But when it comes to wearing, it's always as serious as war. If you don't pay attention to it, you may tear up your lenses and scratch a little when you fall to the ground. It's really a call to "tired feeling doesn’t love". In fact, there are certain skills in wearing contact lenses. As long as you practice hard, you can easily wear them.

Keep your hands clean before wearing them. After taking out the lenses, first carefully confirm the front and back of the lens, and check whether there is any breakage or precipitation on the lens. If lenses are thoroughly cleaned, clean them with a care solution before wearing them.

Don't be overly nervous when wearing lenses. Open the upper eyelid with the belly of the index finger, and lower eyelid with middle finger pulp, so that the black eye is completely exposed. Don't blink your eyes. Just keep your eyes up and put the lenses in your eyes. If it is difficult to wear it for the first time, it is easier to wear it by touching more care solution to reduce the feeling of foreign body.

Close your eyes and turn your eyes. The lenses will fit automatically. Feel the comfort of the lens and the phenomenon of rubbing your eyes. Some foreign body sensation is a normal phenomenon, but if you feel strong discomfort, you should immediately remove the lens for examination.

Remove the frame glasses and you will find life easier and exercise more convenient. In fact, wearing contact lenses is not difficult, as long as you relax and practice more, you can quickly and accurately fix it. The main product of Jilin Realcon Contact Lens Co., Ltd. is color soft hydrophilic contact lenses. It adopts semi-moulding and semi-turning technology. It has precise processing equipment, strict operating rules and clean production environment. It provides quality and safety assurance for the whole process from material preparation to packaging.