The advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses and frame glasses

Contact lenses and glasses are the most common and common vision correction tools, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


1. scope of application. There are no special requirements for the scope of application, the glasses can be used according to the visual conditions, and the convenience, the application scope is limited. Generally speaking, minors and the elderly are not suitable for wearing contact lenses, people with eye diseases or systemic diseases are also not suitable, and menstrual and pregnant women are also not suitable for wearing contact lenses. In addition, there are many special restrictions. Therefore, author strongly suggests that you evaluate and check before the mirror, do not buy at will.

2. Corrective visual field. There is a distance between the glasses and the eyes, which leads to the prism effect to reduce the field of view, and the block of the glasses frame, sometimes not convenient. The contact lenses, on the other hand, are very real and without any shielding.


Third, comfort and stability. The frame glasses are on the bridge of the nose, which can be uncomfortable to wear for a long time, and may rub the sides of the ears, and the frames may slip off from time to time during exercise. However, wearing contact lenses does not have these troubles, its positioning is good, strong stability, even if you do not have to worry about slipping.

Fourth, security. Relatively speaking, frame glasses can be worn every day without any risk. However, contact lenses belong to three types of medical devices, because there will be a certain risk into the eye, you need to follow the instructions to operate correctly, otherwise it will bring great harm to the eyes.

All in all, frame glasses and contact lenses have their own characteristics, reasonable selection, correct matching is the key, especially when wearing contact lenses, we must pay attention to correct operation and local hygiene.