The basics you must know to wear contact lenses

Choosing contact lenses can not only correct vision, but also achieve the effect of beautifying the pupils. However, because contact lenses directly contact the cornea, there are many precautions in daily use:

Contact lenses are divided into degrees, which can meet the needs of most people, provide stable and clear visual effects, and can enhance personal charm when paired with beauty products. However, contact lenses are not suitable for people who wear them. For example, people who suffer from dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases are not suitable for wearing contact lenses.


Wear contact lenses to keep them clean, otherwise bacteria and viruses will enter the eyes with the lenses, invade the cornea and cause infection. Before contacting the lenses, thoroughly clean and disinfect your hands, as well as disinfect the double box and small tools. In the process of wearing, you should pay attention to maintaining eye hygiene, if you put on makeup, you should also avoid the cosmetics entering the eyes.

The wearing time should not be too long, especially the continuous use should not exceed 8 hours. Wearing contact lenses for a long time can easily lead to hypoxia of the cornea, reduce the resistance of the eyes, and cause foreign body sensations of varying degrees. At the same time, remember to take off your contact lenses before going to bed and never wear them overnight.


After the contact lens is taken out of the eye, it needs to be cleaned in time with a care solution and soaked in a double box containing fresh care solution. The care solution is a must-have product. It has the functions of cleaning, disinfecting, and deproteinizing. Because it contains antiseptic and antiseptic ingredients, it cannot be directly dripped into the eyes. If your eyes are tired and dry, you should buy a contact lens eye solution.

There are many precautions for using contact lenses. These are marked on the product manual. Novices must read the manual carefully before wearing it and follow the steps in the manual.