The exhibition is coming to the end, looking forward to the future and continuing to be brilliant

Today is the last day of the Middle East International eye glasses exhibition. Over the past few days, rilkang's staff introduced the brand concept and product content carefully and patiently, attracted many visitors to stop for consultation, and gained the attention of a large number of foreign customers. The product aspect was also unanimously recognized and affirmed.


The new products of this exhibition are designed according to the market preference and customs and cultural characteristics of the Middle East. The ultra-high color display can completely cover the pupil. The colorful color provides a variety of choices, which can meet the preferences of different groups. The exotic style is full, making the eyes bloom with amazing charm.

Entering overseas market and expanding the international influence of brand have always been an important part of the development strategy of rilkang. With the improvement of the overall strength, rilkang has made a comprehensive layout in terms of products, brands, services, etc., seized the opportunity, followed the trend, and actively expanded to foreign markets for long-term development.

Contact lens products should never be output in one direction. The secret of rilkang's eternal vitality lies in continuously absorbing new content, further improving the strength of the enterprise and creating the unique brand value of rilkang through the domestic and foreign markets and facing different customers.

Countless wonderful events are worth our recollection. The exhibition is coming to an end, but the enthusiasm has never faded. Realcon sincerely hopes the exhibition will be a complete success and looks forward to our next goodbye.