The fitting process of contact lenses

Contact lenses, also known as contact lenses, are made according to the shape of the cornea of the eye. Contact lenses are classified into three categories of medical devices, so their fitting also has a standardized process, which is a very important step for contact lens wearers. Today, let's talk about the fitting process of contact lenses.


In order to understand the eye health, the wearer needs to undergo an eye health examination. The instruments used in the examination are mainly slit lamps, keratometers, etc. The doctor will evaluate the cornea, conjunctiva, tear secretion, lens and fundus conditions, etc., and measure parameters such as the base arc of the eyeball, determine the degree through optometry, and then combine with personal life. Recommend suitable product types based on habits, working environment, eye habits, etc.

After choosing the lens, you can try it on. To learn the correct operation of wearing glasses and taking off glasses, carefully distinguish the front and back of the lenses, and carefully check whether the lenses are damaged. After successfully wearing glasses under the guidance of professionals, you should also pay attention to checking whether there are problems such as slippage and eye grinding, and at the same time, you can feel the effect of vision correction by looking far and near. Even if there is no problem with the try-on, the wearer should regularly review the eye condition during contact lens use.


In addition to the contact lenses themselves, wearers can also purchase complementary products on demand. Care solution and double box are generally necessary products, mainly used to clean and store lenses, and can be purchased together with glasses. The shelf life of the care solution and the double box is generally three months. In order to ensure hygiene and cleanliness, they should also be disinfected and replaced regularly.

Wearing inappropriate contact lenses can easily lead to an increase in the degree and may cause damage to the cornea. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a qualified regular optical shop or eye hospital for fitting.