The knowledge That We Should Know While Buying Color Contact Lens

Contact lens is very personalized product. Everyone should select suitable lens according to his own actual situation. Knowing well the contact lens parameter could help us to fully understand its function and feature. It could also avoid the discomfort problems to a great extent. Here, Jilin Realcon will introduce you the knowledge of contact lens parameter. 

【Base curve】represents the radius of curvature of the contact lens, which decides the radian of contact lens. If the base curve is bigger, it indicates that the internal surface of the contact lens is more flat. People’s eye radian is usually between 8.40 and 8.60. If the base curve of the contact lens is too big, it could cause the problems such as misalignment and displacement. Besides, it makes the eyes feel too tight. Hence, although some brand contact lens is relatively with good quality,some people still feel uncomfortable while wearing. 

【Water content】is the water proportion in the lens. The higher the water content is, the softer the lens is. But, it is usually easy to deform and evaporate. Generally, if higher than 50 % water content, it is used to produce daily disposable contact lens, while lower water content is used to produce 6-monthly or 12-monthly contact lens. It should be noted that, wearing contact lens for a long time, if the water content is higher, it more easily causes eye drying. 

【Center thickness】if below 0.04mm, it belongs to ultrathin-type ; if 0.04-0.09mm, it belongs to standard-type ; if above 0.09mm, it belongs to thick- type. The thin-type contact lens is with increased oxygen permeability, but it is easily dry and dehydrated. Color contact lens adopts the sandwich technique, so it is not practical to do ultrathin-type. Hence, 0.04mm-0.065mm is relatively ideal numerical value. 

【Oxygen transmission rate】is an important index that evaluates the contact lens material. In order to keep the oxygen supply, it should ensure the relatively high oxygen transmission rate. Generally, the thinner the lens is, the higher the water content and oxygen transmission rate is. 

Hygiene and health of the eyes is not a small matter. Besides the guidance of professional doctor, please be sure to select the proper channel to buy contact lens. Jilin Realcon Contact Lens Co.,Ltd. always adheres to the quality policy of “Courageous & innovative, with the quality-oriented;Customer supreme, with the target-oriented improvement”. Forge ahead and keep improving, market-based with quality and win the market with reputation, trying best to provide premium and reliable product as well as consistent service to the clients at home and abroad.