The matters That Need Attention While Wearing Contact Lens in Summer

    With summer approaches and temperature rises, the group of people who wear contact lens possibly face many problems. For example, troublesome sun-blocking problem, which needs sunhat, sunshade, sunglasses in turn. We are all aware that while wearing contact lens, bad habit will seriously damage the eye health, which is worse in the summer of rapid bacterial reproduction. Then, what are the matters that need attention while wearing contact lens in summer ?
           Keeping sweat out of the eyes is needed. With the gradual rise of the temperature, our bodies sweat easily, and if the sweat flows in through the eyes, it possibly causes inflammation. If the face is with makeup and the sweat together with the cosmetics enter the eyes, then the hazard index rises in a straight line.




        Before doing water activities, please try to take off the contact lens. Because it is cool, people loves water activities. Water inside the swimming pool contains a variety of microorganism and germs, which is very insanitary. Wearing contact lens while swimming easily causes infection. We need to escape the water drops from splashing into the eyes. The most secure method is to take off the contact lens.


    Air conditioner and air fan could easily make the eyes feel dry. Especially the direct blow to the face, ventilation will quicken the evaporation of the contact lens, which aggravates the symptoms of dry eyes. While in the air-conditioned room, we need to blink more and rest reasonably.



In order to overcome the multiple trials in summer, the secret is to keep the sanitation and eye health. Especially in the place of dry air mixed with dust and sand, remember not to rub eyes and escape from the danger of breaking the contact lens. The fingers and tools that need to directly touch the contact lens should especially pay attention to the cleanness and sterilization.