The principle of wearing contact lenses safely

 Glasses always inevitably affect the beauty of the whole face, and often become a drag when exercising, so contact lenses are becoming more and more popular. Today, we're going to talk about how to wear contact lenses safely.


 First, always keep it clean. Pay attention to carefully clean your hands, but do not ignore the regular disinfection of tweezers, wearing rods, double boxes and other supporting tools. When wearing contact lenses, you should not rub your eyes with your hands, otherwise it is prone to bacterial infection and may break the lens.

 Second, control the wearing time. No matter what type of contact lens, wear it to less than eight hours. Remember not to wear overnight, but not to wear contact lenses to sleep, otherwise it is easy to cause all kinds of eye diseases.

 Third, use your contact lenses correctly. The operation must be in accordance with the product specification, and be sure to clean and care the lens in time after the end of each wear, and then put the scrub clean lens into the nursing liquid immersion and storage.


 Fourth, buy formal qualified products. The quality of the contact lenses on the market is uneven, confusing is very strong, but because the contact lenses belong to three types of medical equipment, so we only look for the relevant qualification when buying. If necessary, the merchants can be required to provide the product registration certificate to distinguish the authenticity. More simply, you can also choose more well-known big brand products through formal channels.

Fifth, in strict accordance with the use cycle. Lens will constantly accumulate sediment in the process of use, these sediment will block the oxygen permeability hole, aggravating the corneal hypoxia, leading to the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, not only to clean the contact lenses carefully, but also to replace them in time, especially the precipitation material that is difficult to remove, must be replaced immediately.