There are several situations in which contact lenses are not suitable

The lenses of contact lenses need to fit snugly on the eyeball, so using them when they are not suitable for wearing can lead to corneal infections. People who wear contact lenses for a long time must pay attention to several cases that are not suitable for wearing contact lenses.

As most of the wearers are women, author reminds us not to wear contact lenses during menstruation and pregnancy. During a woman's period and pregnancy, the body's endocrine system changes, eye pressure is higher than usual, and wearing contact lenses is more likely to cause discomfort.


Swimming, bathing, sweat steaming, hot springs and other activities are also not suitable for wearing contact lenses. After the lens is worn into the eye, if it contains bacteria, microorganisms and other unclean water into the eye, it may lead to bacterial infection, corneal inflammation, and more serious risk of blindness.

It is also not recommended to wear contact lenses under severe weather conditions such as strong wind, haze and sand blowing. Strong winds will accelerate the evaporation of water in the eyes, leading to dry eyes, and impurities and dust particles in the air are more likely to be absorbed by the lens, causing foreign body sensation and corneal inflammation.


Contact lenses should be avoided when the body's immune system is weakened. During a cold, the eye's resistance is also weakened, and the cornea is slightly swollen due to inflammation, which can make lenses that are comfortable to wear become unsuitable. In addition, taking cold medicine can also suppress the secretion of tears, exacerbating dry eyes. When the season changes, the allergic population had better change the frame glasses, so as not to aggravate allergy symptoms.

In the process of daily contact lens wearing, we should still be vigilant, only the correct use of contact lenses, in order to ensure the health of the eye.