Tips for beginners to wear contact lenses

The wearing of the contact lens looks very simple, and when you operate it yourself, you will find that only the eye has learned, and the hand does not.For beginners, wearing contact lenses is a very difficult thing. Is there any secret that will make them easy to learn?


Nowadays, the lenses are softer and softer, which increases the comfort and makes the wearing more difficult.Beginners will find it more hygienic to use tools, but if you wear them for the first time, using tools will increase your eye fear.In fact, as long as the nails are regularly trimmed and cleaned and disinfected, try changing to a finger.Use the fingers on the other side to fully open the eyelids from the roots of the eyelashes to ensure that the height is able to be worn into the lens.Do not close your eyes immediately after wearing them. Turn the eyeball first to make the lens fit.

The process of wearing requires patience and patience. Don't worry if you don't wear it twice.Wear speed when wearing contact lenses. Don't hesitate to look at the lenses and put them in. If you don't wear them, just soak them and try again.The most important thing to wear contact lenses is to find the feeling. You can ask a friend who will wear it to help you a few times, so that the eyes are no longer so resistant to the process of wearing.


In many cases, it can be difficult to feed the entire lens at once. If you can't control the blink, you will squeeze out the lens.When wearing, don't look directly at the lens, look sideways or upwards, and put the lower edge of the lens on the eyeball first, then gradually push it into other parts.

It is natural for the eyes to reject foreign bodies. If you learn these tips, you will not make your eyes red and swollen, and you will not be afraid of tears. You can quickly collect them!