Tips for Removing Contact Lenses

Astigmatism is a relatively common abnormal refractive performance, and its formation is related to the curvature of the cornea. People with astigmatism can also wear contact lenses, and there are special astigmatism contact lenses to choose from. So, how should patients with astigmatism wear glasses?


If you feel that you always see double images, no matter how far or near you are, you can basically confirm that you have astigmatism. Astigmatism is mostly mixed astigmatism, due to changes in corneal curvature, patients may be myopic astigmatism or hyperopia astigmatism. Astigmatism patients also need to undergo optometry before fitting glasses, and they also have one more axial examination than ordinary patients. This parameter is very important when fitting astigmatic contact lenses.

When the astigmatism is low, it can be adapted to ordinary contact lenses. Since it will not have too much impact on daily vision, it can be converted without considering the degree of astigmatism, and a certain correction effect can be formed by relying on the tear mirror formed between the lens and the eyeball. However, if it is a high degree of astigmatism, or if it is found to significantly affect vision, it needs to be corrected by custom astigmatism contact lenses.


In the eye hospital, targeted design can be carried out according to the degree of astigmatism and the axial position, and the combination of cylindrical lenses and ordinary lenses can be used to achieve the corrective effect. Astigmatism lenses use gravity and other conditions to keep the lenses in a relatively stable state in the eye, ensure the stability of the axial position, and improve the visual effect.

Compared with frame glasses, using astigmatic contact lenses can avoid poor imaging and axial deviation, but everyone should pay attention to the preparation of astigmatic contact lenses, you must go to a regular hospital, maintain a responsible attitude for eye health, and learn to use contact lenses correctly Glasses.