Tips for Removing Contact Lenses

Although thin and moist contact lenses improve comfort, they also make it difficult for many people to pick them up. In fact, there are many tips for removing contact lenses, let's learn it together!


Before taking the lens, be sure to wash and dry your hands first. It is best to use running tap water and neutral hand sanitizer to wash your hands, and the towel used when wiping your hands must not shed hair, so as not to adhere to the lens. The pulp of your fingers should be kept dry to increase friction and avoid slipping and holding the lens down.

The more common way to remove contact lenses is to use two fingers to completely open the eyelids, and use the index finger and thumb of the other hand to lightly press the edge of the lens to make the lens arch away from the eyeball and then remove it smoothly. This method is very simple, as long as you practice a lot, you can quickly master the skills.


In addition, there is a method of taking the lens without pressing and pinching the lens directly with fingers, but pressing the eyelid with the pulp of the finger and pulling it open, blinking while gently pulling the eyelid, and using the eyelid to squeeze the contact lens out of the eye. This method is also very fast and easy to use, and you don't have to worry about scratching your eyeballs.

If the lens is adsorbed on the eyeball and it is difficult to remove, you can put a few drops of eye lotion into the eye, and rotate the eyeball to distribute the water evenly, which can help the lens to be removed more easily. Everyone remembers that you must not pull hard, so as not to cause corneal damage and lead to eye infection.

After wearing contact lenses, there will be a lot of protein deposits on the lenses. In order to avoid causing inflammation, everyone should rub and clean the lenses as soon as possible after removing them from the eyes, and then put them in the care solution for soaking and storage.