Tips for taking off contact lenses

With contact lenses, putting on and taking off is both important and difficult. Many novices have been worried about how to quickly and successfully remove contact lenses, so today we will introduce some tips for removing contact lenses.


You can use your fingers or tools to remove contact lenses, but either way, be sure to keep them clean and hygienic. When you need to remove the contact lens, you should first press the root of the eyelashes with your fingers, and then pull the upper and lower eyelids apart, so as to ensure that the eyelashes will not block the extraction operation. Then, use your fingers or small tweezers to gently press the two sides of the lens, and after the lens is completely separated from the eyeball, the contact lens can be removed by clipping it up.

If you are concerned about the unsafe removal of direct contact, you can also learn to use a zero-contact method to remove contact lenses. When taking a contact lens in this way, first completely open the eyelid, keep the eye looking towards the corner of the eye, and press the eyelid to press out the lens while blinking. This method is equivalent to replacing fingers or tweezers with eyelids, avoiding direct contact of fingers or tweezers with the eyeball, which can prevent corneal cells from being damaged due to unskilled operation.


However, no matter what method you use to remove contact lenses, you should pay attention to trim your nails neatly every day to avoid scratching the eyeball or scratching the lens. At the same time, before taking the lens, wash your hands with running water and neutral hand sanitizer to avoid problems such as bacterial infection.

After taking off the contact lens, if it is a daily disposable type, you can directly discard it. If it is other types, you need to rub it carefully with a care solution, rinse it off, put it in a double box, and pour an appropriate amount of care solution to soak at least 6 hours to continue wearing.