Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses

The human eye is a very fragile and sensitive organ. Many people often fail to master the skills when wearing contact lenses, and even some long-term wearers occasionally miss it. Today, the editor will teach you some small ways to wear contact lenses to help you improve the success rate of wearing glasses.

First of all, the main thing for first-time wearers is to overcome psychological barriers. Generally speaking, it is difficult for people who wear glasses for the first time to quickly learn to wear glasses. On the one hand, it is because of the high sensitivity of the eyes, and on the other hand, it is hard to push the lenses into the eyes. Therefore, it is best not to stare at the mirror, so as not to increase the tension. You can look slightly inward or down to reveal more of the white part of the eye, which can improve the success rate.


Secondly, you should clean and dry your fingers before wearing them formally. If there is moisture left on the fingers, it will not only increase the risk of infection, but also cause the lenses to stick to the fingers and not easy to wear. After taking out the lens, it should be placed on the fingertip or wearing stick, and the front of the lens should be observed to be up. If the lens is reversed, it is easy to squeeze the lens out when blinking, resulting in failure to wear.

Then, it's time for formal wear. Generally, use two fingers to hold the root of the eyelashes, pull the eyelid to the maximum, so that the black eyeball is completely exposed, and then push the lens in to make it adhere to the cornea. After confirming that the lens has not fallen, slowly release the eyelids, and blink the eyes to automatically fix the lens.


The last thing is to practice a lot, and you can also find people around you who also wear contact lenses to communicate and learn. For wearers, wearing glasses is a very important operation. A little carelessness may scratch the cornea. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to trimming their nails, and it is best not to keep long nails.