Use contact lens moisturizer correctly

Dry eyes are the most common discomfort when wearing contact lenses, so people who are already prone to dry eyes often wear contact lenses without eye moisturizer. So, how to use contact lens moisturizer correctly?


Dry eyes when wearing contact lenses are usually caused by excessive eye use. Facing the computer for a long time, unhealthy eye habits and so on will add attention to fatigue, so that the eyes appear acid swelling, dry, even pain, blurred vision and other problems. Whether you wear contact lenses or not, you should develop good eye habits, look far away and close your eyes.

Eye moisturizer is a good way to relieve eye fatigue, but also can be used when wearing glasses, very convenient, but there are also many precautions in choosing eye moisturizer. For example, it is best to choose a single type of ingredients for eye moisturizer, because the main function of eye moisturizer is to maintain moisture, lubrication of the eyes and improve the stability of the tear film, so we should focus on the moisturizing performance, so as to avoid excessive preservatives and other ingredients, so as to avoid long-term use of eye health.


For best effect, don't apply the moisturizer directly to your eye, as it's easy to squeeze out when you blink. You can open the lower eyelid with a clean fingertip, raise your head and drop the liquid on the eyelid, and finally release your finger to turn the eyelid back, so as to ensure that the liquid is not wasted.

However, it is important to note that even if eye moisturizer can lubricate, moisturize and relieve foreign body sensation, it must not be used frequently. The number of times used every day should be controlled within six times to avoid negative impact on tear secretion function.