Wear contact lens makeup need to pay attention to what?

 Since many people wear contact lenses to be beautiful, they all need to wear makeup. However, although wearing contact lenses can make up, but for eye health, there are still a lot of attention oh!


Before making up, it is necessary to prepare contact lenses and put them on, especially patients with myopia, of course, makeup can see more clearly after wearing the lenses. Most of the makeup teaching videos will wear makeup before wearing a mirror, which is often in order to present better results, and the operation of beauty bloggers are very skilled, which can greatly reduce the possibility of pollution. However, if you are not skilled enough to wear a mirror or rush to work, it is easy to cause pollution or ruin the makeup you have worked so hard to make.

When making up, because you are already wearing contact lenses, you must be careful not to let dust enter your eyes when applying foundation, loose powder, eyeshadow and other steps. Contact lenses with light makeup is more appropriate, should try to avoid too much makeup, to wait for each step of the makeup is thoroughly dry after the next step, so as to prevent cosmetics into the eyes caused allergies and swelling.


Beauty after the makeup can not be taken lightly, I believe that many oily skin friends have the trouble of makeup. If you are wearing contact lenses, it is also easy to affect your eyes. Eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner all melt and remove makeup due to oil, and these pollutants are more likely to enter the eye than dust in the air, and combine with eye secretions to form protein deposits attached to the lens. Because of this, after removing the lens, you may find that the lens sediment after wearing makeup more, you must follow the correct cleaning procedures to thoroughly clean the contact lens.

Finally, author still want to remind you that powder in cosmetics still accounts for the majority, no matter how careful there are still great hidden dangers, so it is recommended that you try not to make up. If you do need to wear makeup, remember to carry a solution and a contact lens case with you so you can remove and dispose of your contact lenses on demand without any worries.